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It seems as though these days that my attention is occupied with working on the entryway, the powder room and the guest bedroom.  In January, I finally found some hardwood for the living room, and I’m slowly narrowing down a backsplash for the kitchen.  One of the great things about being one person (on one small budget) trying to fill an entire house herself, is that once I find myself stuck or bored with a room – there’s always another one to focus on.

I’ll be dedicating individual posts to each room, and likely some of the projects included in each, but until then, here’s what I’ve been keeping busy with:

In the entryway, I’ve been working on creating an area that is both functional and beautiful, all the while tying it together with the den. I think that I’ve created a nice tableau so far, but I’m still hunting for a few things, including an umbrella holder and maybe a chair before I can call it done.

The powder room, while small and really the last on my list of priorities, has snuck into the mix and is almost done. With some artwork, clever storage and a new vanity strip it will basically be ideal.

Lastly, the guest room – which until Sunday, didn’t even have a bed – is nearing completion. I’ve got drapes, some beautiful and whimsical artwork and a chair waiting to be refinished and reupholstered. With a few more items, and some finishing touches, it’ll be a relaxing home away from home for my house guests.

Sorry for dropping off for so long, but as I’ve said before, being one person running a whole house by herself can take up a lot of my attention. I’ll do my best to post regularly from now on, but the best way of making sure you never miss a post is to susbribe to my RSS Feed – it’s like getting a subscription to your favorite magazine, instead to searching it out every month at the newsstand.


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