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Objet d’art

Nothing quite finishes a room like a beautiful piece of artwork.  But what do you do when you have a limited budget, but a soft spot for original art? I’ve decided to rely on some unique and original art purchases from Etsy.

A few weeks ago I ordered this print from photographer Sharon Montrose.


When I came across the porcupine portrait, I immediately had to have it. It’s so cute!  Just like a little fur-person.  I’ve even joked that it looks like he’s doing the robot.  I plan on ordering a two more prints of woodland animals to add a focal point to the bland beige wall on the landing between my first and second floors.


Sharon lives in LA, and has an amazing eye when it comes to animal photography.  Her portfolio is bursting with modern animal portraits, with tons of character.  For those with deeper pockets, larger prints can also be purchased through Sharon’s website The Animal Print Shop.


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